Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a system that captures a patient x-ray digitally instead of using traditional film. Digital imaging allows us to do more and see more. Because digital radiography creates a computer image, we have the ability to enhance images. Digital technology also allows us to exchange clinical data and images over a distance. Digital radiography images are archived into one central place, increasing access to images across the college.

Technology Considerations

There are two main types of technology available to capture digital radiography images, CCD (charged-coupled device) powered sensors and photostimulable phosphor (PSP) plates.

PSP technology was selected because:

  • It seemed to be the most durable for our student environment.
  • The PSP plates are very similar to film in flexibility (sensors tend to be bulky)
  • There is a wider selection of plate sizes available.
  • The cost of replacing the PSP plates is rather inexpensive.

Medicor Imaging Software

UFCD uses Medicor imaging software to view digital images captured through digital radiography. Medicor was selected because of the ability to integrate with our existing dental hardware. Other benefits include:

  • Improved processing: scanned images can be placed in predefined templates, enhanced, and saved with the original image
  • Ability to to zoom, magnify, and measure images
  • Integration with existing software in the college
  • Integration with other telehealth hardware


ScanX Training

MiPACS Training