hialeah-clinicThe Hialeah Dental Clinic offers a 24-month Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program, which results in a Certificate of Completion for internationally-educated dentists.

Each summer, the program admits a class of 12 students after inviting selected applicants for a two-day interview.

The program:

  • Provides advanced training in clinical dentistry beyond the level of pre-doctoral education.
  • Enhances the resident’s confidence and competence in performing all aspects of general dentistry.
  • Includes experience in the recognized dental specialties.

Tuition payment is required, and no stipend is available.


The University of Florida’s Hialeah Dental Clinic AEGD affords residents the privilege of serving underserved urban populations while, at the same time, gaining valuable educational and clinical experience under appropriate supervision with real patients. The objective of the program is to provide advanced training in clinical dentistry and the applied basic sciences beyond the level of pre-doctoral education.

The program is designed to enhance the scope of knowledge and clinical skills required to provide comprehensive dental care for all patient populations.