Program Objectives

The objectives of the 24-month, certificate granting Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program are to provide advanced training in general dentistry and the applied basic sciences beyond the level of pre-doctoral education.

  • The program will enhance the resident’s scope of knowledge and clinical skills required to provide comprehensive dental care for all patient populations (Hialeah Clinic, Camillus Health Concern, Inc.).
  • Guided clinical experiences will sharpen the resident’s ability to make rational decisions regarding treatment modalities.
  • In addition, the resident will be given an opportunity to interact with other health-care professionals, while acting as the patient’s oral healthcare coordinator.
  • Specifically, the program is intended to enhance the resident’s confidence and competence in performing all aspects of general dentistry.
  • The training includes experience in the recognized dental specialties and appropriate medical services.
  • The teaching staff consists of generalists and board eligible or certified dental specialists representing a broad spectrum of dental expertise.

The didactic program includes a series of scheduled and structured teaching sessions at advanced levels of training devoted to pertinent topics in the basic, diagnostic, and clinical sciences related the comprehensive practice of dentistry.

The clinical program will provide the resident the opportunity and experience to take responsibility for the comprehensive care of varied and complex patients. Special emphasis is allowed for the resident’s special interest and/or the institution’s resources.

The majority of the resident’s time is spent providing dental care at the clinic or affiliated offsite rotations. As the resident’s level of diagnostic and clinical skill increases, the resident will be assigned more challenging and complex cases throughout the year. Although an objective of the postdoctoral program is to encourage independent judgement in practice, clinical faculty are scheduled and present in the clinic at all times for consultation, supervision, and active teaching, as required.

The resident’s family of patients is monitored periodically for quality assessment, and verification of the resident’s mix of varied clinical experiences and continuity of care. The clinical program is balanced with the integration of the basic and behavioral sciences, interaction and communication with other healthcare providers, laboratory technicians, and other adjunctive persons and services.

Important Information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended the 2 year Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD-Hialeah) program can be found at this webpageThis information is provided in accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations.