Program Evaluation

Why Program Evaluation?

  • Teledentistry is not a single form of technology, but part of the wider process of healthcare delivery.
  • Any new form of technology should be rigorously evaluated in terms of improving health outcomes and reducing costs.

Program Evaluation Goals for Months 1-6

  • Identify appropriate measures to assess the project.
  • Determine how the project’s outcomes will be assessed.
    • Satisfaction with web and video based instruction and telemedicine consultation services
  • Determine how the project’s success will be assessed.

Program Evaluation Updates

  • UFCD Needs Assessment has been developed and administered.
  • Survey instruments have developed and will assess the following:
    • Case of the Month
      • Participant satisfaction and expectations
      • Picture and sound quality
      • Benefits and limitations of videoconferencing
      • Knowledge gained from the course
      • Applicability and benefit to the participant’s practice
    • Distance Learning via videoconferencing
      • Participant expectations
      • Participant satisfaction with content and Web format
      • Benefits and limitations of online format
      • Online picture quality
      • Knowledge gained from Case of the Month and usefulness in participant’s practice
      • Clinical confidence about topic