Project Team

Organizational Chart

teledentistry-orgchartWork Group Members and Responsibilities

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Teresa Dolan, Chair
  • Dr. Boyd Robinson
  • Dr. Robert Bates
  • Jean Sweitzer
  • Neale Chumbler/Mischka Garel
  • Godfrey Ovwigho
  • Jeff Loomis


  • Milestone review
  • Allocation of resources
  • Adherence to grant objectives
  • Reporting requirements
  • Oversee IS infrastructure requirements

Distance Learning/Oral Pathology Clinical Consultations Workgroup

  • Dr. Boyd Robinson, Workgroup Chair
  • Oral Pathologists:
    • Dr. Don Cohen
    • Dr. Indranneel Bhattacharyya
  • Community-based clinic directors:
    • Dr. Roberta Diehl, Hialeah
    • Dr. Tom Porter, St. Petersburg
    • Dr. Roger Wray, Apopka
  • Dental Continuing Education
    • Dr. Sam Low
    • Lynn King
  • IT Support/Web design
    • Godfrey Ovwigho
    • Dan McCoy
    • Linda Kubitz
  • Telemedicine Consultant: Jeff Loomis
  • Project evaluators: Neale Chumbler, Mischka Garel


  • Expand and evaluate video-conferencing (VC) capabilities between the UF Gainesville campus (Rms. D3-3, D8-11) and facilities located in St. Petersburg, Hialeah and Apopka.
    • Responsible persons: Godfrey Ovwigho, Linda Kubitz, IS staff
    • Phases:
      • Pre-implementation: Conduct IT infrastructure needs analysis, assess stability of existing system
      • Plan technology upgrades
      • Implementation: Implement technology infrastructure improvements (Ovwigho)
      • Train staff on equipment use, develop training manuals (Kubitz)
      • Post-implementation: Evaluate technology functionality (Chumbler/Garel)
  • Develop and evaluate web-based educational materials for dental students, dental residents, faculty and practitioners.
    • Responsible persons: Faculty supported by instructional designers, web designers, and continuing education staff
    • Phases:
      • Pre-implementation: Conduct needs analysis (Chumbler/Garel)
      • Planning: Develop the “Case of the Month” on website
      • Post-implementation: Evaluate curriculum from faculty and learners’ perspectives (Chumbler/Garel)
  • Develop and evaluate the protocol for conducting live clinical patient consultations
    • Responsible persons: Pathology faculty, Jeff Loomis, web developer
    • Phases:
      • Pre-implementation: Conduct needs analysis (Chumbler/Garel)
      • Planning, pilot testing (pathology, oral medicine faculty, Jeff Loomis, web developer)
      • Evaluation (Chumbler/Garel)

Digital Radiography

  • Jeff Loomis, Workgroup Chair
  • Radiologists:
    • Dr. James Pettigrew
    • Dr. Robert Bates
    • Dr. Madhu Nair
  • Community-based clinic directors:
    • Dr. Roberta Diehl
    • Dr. Tom Porter
    • Dr. Cliff Starr
  • IT support:
    • Godfrey Ovwigho
    • Steve Kostewicz
  • Project evaluators:
    • Neale Chumbler
    • Mischka Garel


  • Phases:
    • Pre-implementation:
      • Survey the literature on digital radiography in dentistry and dental education;
      • Obtain radiography equipment bids and recommend vendors
      • Assess IT infrastructure needs
    • Implementation:
      • Informatics – enhance server room and storage capacity
      • Install hardware and software
      • Add clients to computer images
      • Select pilot test site and test equipment
      • Use, debug and evaluate
      • Expand pilot and eventually and install at all clinical sites
    • Evaluation:
      • Assess performance issues, and satisfaction among users